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Collecting antiquities is very pleasurable and it offers great investment potential. As a result of recent disappointments in the world of investments, antiquities are rapidly becoming an excellent way of investing. On the following pages you can browse through hundreds of selected pieces for sale from our historic past.

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Featured Antiquities:

Tangible bridge to the past

Collecting antiquities gives one a sense of achievement as it reflects our taste and perception of the world, giving us a tangible bridge between the past and the present. Buying antiquities is a pleasurable way of combating inflation and if wisely invested can lead to huge returns. This is possible due to the availability of antiquities being relatively static and the demand escalating.

History is on a high

Some of the larger financial institutions such as Bloomberg have realised the investment potential in ancient art. The advantages of building an interesting and beautiful collection of antiquities has also been fuelled by the public interest in recently released block buster films such as Gladiator, Alexander, Troy and Kingdom of Heaven. Even the Culture Minister, David Lammy, recently said, “Public interest in buying and selling art and antiques is on a high at the moment.” We have have Stone Age, Bronze Age, Egyptian, Persian, Pre Columbian, Greek, Celtic, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Viking, Norman, Medieval, Tudor, Stuart and Post Medieval artefacts for sale. You will find our selection of small artefacts available on the sixteen main category links at the top of this page.

Further reading

Dr Ron Bonewitz is a well-known author writing about the ancient mysteries of the Maya, the Egyptians, and of Pyramids. Other books include teaching yourself hieroglyphics, crystal healing, and a major full-colour work on gems and minerals. These are available as printed and e-books on his website:

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