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TimeLine Originals offers our international clientele a large selection of coins, antiquities, books and accessories. Whatever your interest, we aim to offer you quality ancient coins, collectables and works of art. Our prices accurately reflect current trends within this dynamic market. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and we unconditionally guarantee every item in our stocks to be ancient and authentic. We invite you to check our commitment to customer satisfaction by browsing our Guest Book.

We specialise in supplying Saxon, Viking and Medieval hammered coins and antiquities, and take great pleasure in researching every item. Our website is aimed at collectors at all levels, from inexpensive items up to fine works of art.
Source of Material
All ancient items offered for sale on our website are purchased by TLO from a variety of legitimate sources. These include old private collections, auction houses, legal finders and responsible dealers within the coin and ancient art market. We liaise with the Federation of Independent Detectorists. We regularly purchase large consignments of material so that we can offer a diverse range on a regular basis. We do not buy from dubious sources. We aim to promote responsible private ownership of ancient coins and antiquities in an investment conscious and legitimate manner. As corporate members of many societies and trade associations, we abide by an internationally recognized code of ethics. Our customers include museums, university lecturers and many of the world's major collectors.
Brett Hammond, CEO at TimeLine Originals, responds to some of the questions potential customers often ask. "Although I have yet to encounter a customer who has asked all of these questions at the same time, I have answered them many, many times for a wide variety of people who have gone on to buy from us. If your question is not answered here, please ask it in an email. If the same question comes from several enquirers I'll add it to this page, with an answer I hope will satisfy everyone."
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Articles written by Brett Hammond and TimeLine Originals
Some of the articles that Mr Brett Hammond of TimeLine Originals has written for the public in various publications. Based on his research, findings and long term experience on different subjects such as Coin Collecting, Coin Weights, Tokens, Rings, Emperors, Historical Research and many more, here are the articles:
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TimeLine Originals makes the news
Frequent media coverage of our business, as experts called upon to identify spectacular finds; as guests on radio programmes discussing coins and antiquities; or as suppliers of images from our stocks for use as illustrations in newspapers, magazines and books, means that TimeLine Originals is always in the news. Read or download some of the full stories here...
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Do you have any coins or antiquities for sale?
Please give us a call as we are constantly seeking new material. We purchase all quantities, from single finds to complete collections. If you send coins or goods to us from overseas, please make a correct customs declaration of contents and value of the package.

What do you collect or require?
Please send us your wants list without obligation. This will help us to give you the best service available.
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