Wulfred Portrait Penny 017154

Wulfred Portrait Penny 017154
Extremely Rare Wulfred 'DOROBERNIA' Portrait Penny
Silver, 1.09 grams, 20.22 mm. Archbishops of Canterbury, Group IV, Anonymous Issue; 822-823 AD. Obverse: facing tonsured bust with +SVVEFNERDMONETA legend for the moneyer Swefnerd. Reverse: inscription in three lines DOROB ERNIAC IVITAS for the city and mint at Canterbury. S. 890; N. 238. See Early Medieval Corpus No 1002.0400 (SCBI 2, 400) for a die duplicate. Extremely fine and as struck with slight chipping to edge and very minor flan distortion.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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